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Our Story

Hi I’m, Judith, a lawyer, and I’m the founder and CEO of Clean Buddies® – the first brand in the world with a subscribe to give the program, providing hand sanitizing wipes to developing countries. Find out more about why I created the brand.


Not just a vacation

Panama is an amazing country to visit, if you have not visited you ought to put it on your bucket list. The capital Panama City has magnificent architecture and bustling centers. There are breathtaking beaches and beautiful mountainsides. The Panamanian people are warm, principled and resilient. However, like many other countries, poverty is a harsh reality of life there as well.

At our family getaway, in the countryside, there is a regular source of water from a well on the property. By contrast, all around, the communities often suffer from water shortages and frequently have their water switched off for protracted lengths of time. 

Whilst vacationing, our family often shares our water supply with locals, but there was little that we were able to do outside of our stays in the area.


An epiphany

I have appreciated the education available from travelling widely. However, not so long ago, I was unprepared for the impact of a tragedy close to our adopted home.

In 2019, two Panamanian children living close to our vacation home perished in a fire that could have been controlled had there been proper access to water. I was deeply saddened by this. I spoke with locals from the area and came to understand the difficulties of coping without water and the health and hygiene issues that are perpetuated in the rural areas. But this is not just a "Panamanian" problem.  Further shocking research revealed that lack of hand hygiene is the second biggest cause of death of children under the age of five in the world. 

I am not one to sit back, that is not the kind of person I am. It was no surprise to my friends that I, a successful lawyer, decided to found Clean Buddies® as they tell me that that is typical of what I would do - take action.   I founded Clean Buddies® with a view to helping to balance some of the inequities I have witnessed. The tagline for our brand is: Disrupting the hygiene debate to motivate and liberate™. See more about our mission under "Social Responsibility".

Click here to shop for Clean Buddies and help the less fortunate!

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