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Clean Right, Eat Right, Live Right

Covid-19 has made many of us a whole lot more mindful of what our hands have touched and what they are about to touch: i.e. that Chipotle burrito.

There are a lot of things we need to be mindful of. In our last post, we talked about being conscious of how much we are physically moving in our day-to-day lives. This same awareness should be given to what we put into our bodies and how we do it.

You’ve made the conscious choice to get the lowest calorie option at the fast food restaurant, but you’re in a hurry and eat it in your car during your short lunch break. There are a lot of unconscious actions happening here as well. First, how often do you wipe down your wheel with a Clean Buddies wipe (or similar wipe)? No one else might be touching your steering wheel, but everything you’ve touched since your last handwash or hand wipe will be hanging out on that wheel.

Now that’s not to say you should be deathly afraid of germs. What this is to say is are you consciously thinking about how clean your hands are before you shovel that burrito into your mouth? The clock is ticking on your lunch break, afterall.

Clean Hands Are Part of Healthy Eating

The best habits we can have for healthy eating are preparing it ourselves and choosing the best options; however, as we will talk about in our next post, there are many subconscious habits we need to practice to eat healthy.

Having clean hands is the first habit. If you’re home and cooking, or warming up your lunch in the breakroom, you have access to a sink to wash your hands. It’s simple. Wash your hands before eating; there is a reason your mama always pushed you to do so before coming to the dinner table.

However, when you’re on the go, healthy options are limited, and sinks may be more so. That’s why having alcohol hand wipes handy is a must for your eating habits. This extra habit of cleaning off your hands is going to be the first step in creating the best eating habits.

You could say that clean hands go hand-in-hand with healthy habits. There’s a mouth full for the next time you’re going to take a bite.

Be sure to check out our next post where we dive a little deeper into the habits you can create to eat healthy.

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