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Double Masking: Protection and Fashion

It’s hard to imagine a time where people didn’t wear masks when they were sick. Think how many times you wouldn’t have gotten sick in your life if someone who was sick just wore a mask for a week. It really should have been a common courtesy to begin with.

There are a lot of ways we can keep healthy during a global pandemic. Washing our hands regularly of course is one way. When we don’t have access to a sink, wiping our hands down with our favorite alcohol based wipe can also keep us healthy and strong. With Covid-19, wearing a mask is of utmost importance for keeping healthy.

Whether we like it or not, masks are a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. While there are plenty of people out there who don’t believe masks work, the science says masks do work.

Wearing a mask out of courtesy for fellow human beings has become politicized, which has impacted their effectiveness as many people forgo wearing one all together. Now the CDC recommends double masking. This recommendation set off a whole lot of mixed reactions from everyone.

Simply put, double masking has shown to be more effective in preventing particles from entering and exiting your mask when out in public. Double masking stops about 93% of all particles moving through the mask. This helps slow the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses.

However, that doesn’t mean just put on any two masks. It is important to note that the CDC does not recommend double masking with a KN95 mask, which is the non-professional-grade version of the N95 mask that medical professionals will wear. The KN95 mask already provides ideal protection. When masks are fitted properly, they have a higher success rate.

What the CDC is recommending is wearing a cloth cover over the typical surgical mask to help slow the spread. The combination of the two provides a better fit that doesn’t allow any particles to sneak in or out as easily. It’s a good way to insure that you will not get sick and that you will not get anyone else sick. It’s really just being courteous.

With the limitless customization on cloth masks, it is quite baffling why someone would elect to only have a boring surgical mask when they could have it embroidered with their favorite show, book, team, city, sport, color, political ideology, or any other thing we would put on a shirt or hat.

Double masking gives your protection and style.

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