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Remembering to STILL be Saying Thanks to Frontline Workers

As states begin to open up and restrictions are lifted, it’s easy to believe that we are in the clear and everything can be normal again. However, as the recent surge in cases of Covid-19 has shown us, we are not out of it yet. For that reason, it’s important that we still show the love and appreciation for our frontline workers.

Early on in the pandemic, it was a common trend to thank frontline workers, but now everyone has seemingly forgotten that they are still fighting this battle. Today, let’s remember, why we should still be thankful for those frontline workers.

Many of us are taking precautions to keep ourselves safe, but those who are nurses, EMS providers, firefighters, and doctors are still constantly coming face to face with Covid. At this point, many of them are thankfully vaccinated, but many other frontline workers, those with jobs in grocery stores, public transportation, meat plants, among other businesses, are still unvaccinated. Many of these people kept the world moving even during shut down.

So as the light at the end of the tunnel grows, remember to be thankful for those who have kept our lives moving forward.

Things you can do to show your thanks

Visually show your appreciation

You can make a sign for your yard or balcony that says “thank you to all frontline workers.” You can also make or purchase car stickers that carry the same message.

Don’t be a jerk; be kind

It’s easy to get frustrated at frontline workers because they are the ones you’re interacting with, but oftentimes, whatever issue you have, it’s likely not their fault. Remember that, and just be a nice person when interacting with someone. Tell them “thank you.” They don’t hear it enough.

Use social media to show your thanks

Social media makes it easy to get a show of thanks out into the world. Use hashtags like #InThisTogether, #COVIDHeroes or #GivingTuesdayNow to get the word out there. A lot of these hashtags are falling out of popularity, so let’s try to get them back where they were in April and May of 2020.

Reach out to congress

The best way you can really support frontline workers is to insure that they are still getting the necessary support. Congress recently passed the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package because Americans were voicing their support for it. Even as things begin to get better, we still need to put pressure on congress to take care of the frontline workers.

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