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Ways to Keep Calm and Carry on when Everything Is Stressful

The “keep calm and carry on” phrase has become extremely popular in recent years after the rediscovery of WWII wartime posters. Now it is everywhere, and in 2020, it was more relevant than it had been since WWII.

When the stress is piling on our shoulders and it seems like everything is going to fall down around us, how do we “Keep Calm and Carry on”?

Get off your phone!

You might have yourself convinced that your phone is a great tool for escaping and relaxing, but it’s really not. Studies have shown that excessive use of your smartphone can lead to higher stress and anxiety levels. Our phones bombard us with all the news of the world, which often isn’t good news. That only works to add to the stress we are feeling.

Keep a journal

It might seem like something teenage girls do, but it can be wonderful for your mental health to write everything out. This is a great option if you don’t want to involve someone else. There are many benefits of keeping a journal, so consider if next time you’re feeling overwhelmed. It can be great for reflecting.

Keep active and don’t hide in bed

Exercise is great for our overall physical health, but it’s also wonderful for our mental health. With everything between Covid-19 and the state of the world, it’s easy to feel hopeless and want to just lay in bed. You’ll have to fight that urge and do something physical like take a walk or more strenuous like full on HIIT workout.

Keep busy

This can be achieved through many outlets. If you are unemployed, try to redirect your energy into something productive. Even if you are employed, finding hobbies and things you can enjoy in your free time are a key to managing your stress. You want to get away from obsessive thinking over things that are out of your control.

Don’t isolate yourself

Even if you’re naturally introverted, don’t allow yourself to be cut off from those in your life. Keep in contact with people and keep up strong relationships. It takes effort and energy, but you need to keep in touch with other people.

Drink water and eat healthy

I can go on all day about this, but to keep it simple, eating unhealthy and drinking a lot of sugary drinks can easily lead to you feeling depressed and stressed.

Keep up your hygiene

Your hygiene and your mental health are directly tied into one another. Keeping yourself hygienic with showers, washing your hands, and using alcohol based hand wipes can give you a bit of control over your life, which can make you feel a little less stressed today. Being dirty only adds to your stress.

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