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You will have peace of mind using CLEAN BUDDIES® hand sanitizing wipes that eradicate 99.9% of all known illness-causing viruses and bacteria.  CLEAN BUDDIES® is 75% alcohol-based, FDA-registered individually wrapped disinfecting wipes. Save money when you buy from us in bulk.  Also, you can choose to participate in our buy to give the program, your subscription will be matched with our donation of wipes to communities in developing countries.

Take advantage of this item, currently in stock. Effectively remove germs from your hands, face, everyday work surfaces and more - without needing access to soap and water or equipment.

  • FDA Registered Product

  • CDC Recommended Ingredients

  • 75% Alcohol-Based Formula That Kills 99.9% of All Known Germs

  • Suitable For Skin & Pretty Much Every Surface

  • Perfectly Portable

  • Individually Wrapped Soft Wipes That Don’t Dry Out Too Quickly

  • Safe, Family Friendly

  • Free Delivery With Every Order

  • The world's first hand sanitizing wipes brand with a buy to donate program, we are proud of our work supporting communities in developing countries

  • Currently In Stock

  • SKU - 860002621715

Clean Buddies® Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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