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Our Corporate Social Responsibility


We recognise that it’s important to contribute to improving the lives of people in less fortunate communities. Our product is well placed to do that as sanitization is at the core of good health and quality of life. Unfortunately far too many people don’t have soap and water readily available. 

So, our corporate responsibility program involves the donation of our wipes to communities in need – and the first country we are prioritizing is Panama.


Through our corporate social responsibility program, we will donate 100 of our hand-sanitizing wipes for every new subscribe and save subscription that is done on our website. We want those less fortunate to have hand hygiene best practices at their disposal for when soap and water aren’t available. 

In particular, we’re focussing on donating hand-sanitizing wipes to the children of those less fortunate communities. We’re striving to educate those kids about good hand hygiene practices. We want to be their “buddy” for when soap and water aren’t available. That’s one of the reasons why our product is named Clean Buddies®


Clean Buddies™ wants to teach children everything there is to know about keeping their hands clean in a fun way too. After using our hand-sanitizing wipes, the kids in the communities we serve can save the wipes for a variety of arts and crafts projects, such as model making and toy making to be done under the guidance of teachers. It’s a win-win situation.


The benefits of our corporate social responsibility program are expansive:

  • Improved sanitation.

  • A better understanding of the importance of hand hygiene.

  • Nurturing artistic and engineering skills in the adults of tomorrow.

  • The value of recycling and/or repurposing whenever it’s possible


Unfortunately, here is where we are right now in the world: about 1.8 million children under five die each year from diarrheal and other diseases because of bad hand hygiene.  We hope you will agree that it’s worthwhile trying to reduce this. Through the Clean Buddies® corporate social responsibility program we will encourage children to keep their hands clean throughout the day – including after playing outside, before eating and after using the restroom.


Click here to shop for Clean Buddies and help the less fortunate in Panama!

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